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Our school produces a fortnightly newsletter which is automatically emailed out utilising the latest email address families have provided to the school.  

As of the start of the 2016 school year all newsletters, including the latest edition, can be viewed in the Newsletter Archive. 



Newsletter Edition 9 16th November 2015.pdfNewsletter Edition 9 16th November 2015Newsletter Edition 9 16th November 201516/11/20151435 KB
Newsletter Edition 7 23rd October 2015.pdfNewsletter Edition 7 23rd October 2015Newsletter Edition 7 23rd October 201523/10/20152000 KB
18th September 2015 Newsletter.pdfNewsletter Edition 7 18th September 201518th September 2015 Newsletter18/09/201511115 KB
Newsletter Edition 6 24th August 2015.pdfNewsletter 24th August 2015Newsletter Edition 6 24th August 201524/08/20156654 KB
Newsletter Edition 5 22nd June 2015.pdfNewsletter 22nd June 2015Newsletter Edition 5 22nd June 201522/06/20153099 KB
Newsletter Edition 4 29th May 2015.pdfNewsletter 29th May 2015Newsletter Edition 4 29th May 201529/05/20151307 KB
Newsletter Edition 3 5th May 2015.pdfNewsletter Edition 3 5th May 2015Newsletter Edition 3 5th May 20155/05/20151118 KB
Newsletter Edition 2 13th March 2015.pdfNewsletter Edition 2 13th March 2015Newsletter Edition 2 13th March 201513/03/20152888 KB
Newsletter Edition 1 6th February 2015.pdfNewsletter Edition 1 6th February 2015Newsletter Edition 1 6th February 20156/02/20153668 KB
Newsletter Edition 15 12th December 2014.pdfNewsletter Edition 15 12th December 2014Newsletter Edition 15 12th December 201412/12/20143285 KB
Newsletter Edition 14 30th October 2014.pdfNewsletter Edition 14 30th October 2014Newsletter Edition 14 30th October 201430/10/20142232 KB
newsletter-edition13-2014.pdfNewsletter10th October 2014newsletter-edition13-201410/10/2014987 KB
newsletter-edition12-2014.pdfNewsletter 8th September 2014newsletter-edition12-20148/09/20141656 KB
newsletter-edition11-2014.pdfNewsletter 22nd August 2014newsletter-edition11-201422/08/20141249 KB
newsletter-edition10-2014.pdfNewsletter 23rd July 2014newsletter-edition10-201423/07/20141035 KB
newsletter-edition9-2014.pdfNewsletter 20th June 2014newsletter-edition9-201420/06/201475 KB
newsletter-edition8-2014.pdfNewsletter 2nd June 2014newsletter-edition8-20142/06/201474 KB
newsletter-edition7-2014.pdfNewsletter  9 May 2014newsletter-edition7-20149/05/2014572 KB
newsletter-edition6-2014.pdfNewsletter 4 April 2014newsletter-edition6-20144/04/20141129 KB
newsletter-edition4-2014.pdfNewsletter 21 March 2014newsletter-edition4-201421/03/20141241 KB
newsletter-edition3-2014.pdfNewsletter 7 March 2014newsletter-edition3-20147/03/20141004 KB
newsletter-edition2-2014.pdfNewsletter 2 February 2014newsletter-edition2-201421/02/2014681 KB
newsletter-2014-edition1.pdfNewsletter 1 February 2014newsletter-2014-edition17/02/2014343 KB
newsletter-2013-11-11.pdfNewsletter 11 November 2013newsletter-2013-11-1111/11/2013218 KB
Newsletter.aspxNewsletter2 KB